#NewMusicAlert: There’s Nothing Like “School Daze”- Quice London

By Aaron Ball

Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety

Instagram: @been_trendy

With the Fall semester rolling around shortly, Quice London has something for all you college students out there, as he reminisces about his days in college chasing money, dealing with women, combined with a whole bunch of temptation. More often than not, these are things that come knocking on one’s door and can ultimately knock one off the road to success. It’s hard to stay focused when everyone is trying to find themselves through constant experimentation.

London knows this experimentation firsthand, “Hit’s hard no baseball no boob job / Party hard so don’t crush my groove dog / So gone in her room yah / No love just lust in her blue thong.”

London is able to narrate a coherent story, using some slick wordplay and rhymes, leaving the beat in total annihilation. The individual who engineered the beat is none other than fellow Legend Bound member, Kilconfirmed. Every time the two get together and create, there is always something magical in the mix.

Stream Quice London’s “School Daze” below:

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