Miss Mulatto Shows Why She’s Taking the Lead on New Project, Mulatto

By Marvianna Gray

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This summer is definitely for the femcees; After seeing the Ohio Rapper on Lifetime’s “The Rap Game,” I knew she was going to be a star. So much has changed for Miss Mulatto since she won the reality show during Season 1 and she’s leveled up to far more greater opportunities, one being her own online clothing store  Mulatto which caters to Women’s apparel and accessories.

Infidelity has to be my favorite track, Mulatto teams up with Coca Vango to share the girl/guy perspective when it comes to cheating. When Latto says “N*gga you can’t play no player when I know the game.” I felt that. Goin On is another bop, Mulatto may be pretty but she’s with all the drama if a hater steps out of line.

You can tell the young rapper took her time with this one, sis can spit without a doubt but she also has an enticing singing voice. I’ve been listening to a lot of East Coast female rap, so hearing Latto’s southern drawl over fire trap beats gave me a different sound. Mulatto’s debut-album marks her place in the hip-hop industry, and she plans on staying.

Check out Mulatto below!


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