Natural Hair 101: Detangling Matted Strands


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We all know that struggle: you kept your protective style in for too long, you’ve been lazy when it comes to washing your hair, or whatever else it may be, but one thing is for sure: your hair is matted. Now you’re panicking because you can’t seem to be able to separate the big knot in the middle of your head, and your scalp is blazing hot from all the tugging. I got you! Don’t stress and lay back, here are some tips and tricks to help you with your detangling session.

Gently finger detangle

When I say gently, I mean it. Don’t pull on your hair and don’t rake through it like a comb. Instead, try to loosely separate the strands that are tangled up so it becomes easier for your comb and conditioner to do the rest of the job in the shower. I personally apply some olive oil to my fingers before gently pulling apart my hair and making my way through my hair. This step might take the longest, especially if your hair is extremely matted.

Jump in the Shower

Separate your hair into small sections, and only focus on one section at a time. Make sure to wet your strands with warm water until completely soaked, then apply tons of conditioner (I’m not kidding, go ham!) to make sure the knots melt. Then, get out your handy-dandy wide-tooth comb and make your way through the hair starting from the bottom to the top.


When shampooing, focus on the scalp–when your rinse out your shampoo, the water will wash out the rest of your strands. Once again, be gentle when massaging the shampoo on your scalp and make sure you get all the buildup you’ve accumulated through the weeks. Rinse out with warm shower, apply your deep conditioner and put on a plastic bag to lock in the moisture until it’s time for you to wash out your hair mask. Rinse out your deep conditioner with cold water to seal in the moisture and style like you normally would!

I sure hope this detangling session doesn’t happen to you every week (if so, I feel so sorry for you), but here were some tips and tricks to help the process when these sessions do happen. Now go flaunt your natural beauty and those curls, girl!

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