#MCM: The Frontal and Wig Slayer of the Hair Industry, Arrogant Tae

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Life can change in a matter of seconds and linking with the right people, could make it even better.

Hairtstylist Dionte Gray, known as “Arrogant Tae,” has been working endlessly with the some of our favorite Love and Hip-Hop celebs, artists and influencers. From the green slime inspired wig SZA looked amazing in to the half-blonde and black wig Amour Jayda rocked, Arrogant Tae is the frontal slayer of the entire hair industry.

Tae has been in the hair industry since he was 11 and began slaying wigs years after. Hair has always been one his favorites and became an obsession with his due to interest in the well-being of women. Hair is almost part of a woman’s look and Tae wanted to be the one to put the icing on the glam.

The Chicago native basically grew up in the hair salon, watching his family members do hair and began doing his mother’s friends, classmates and more women hair. He attend well-known cosmetology school, Paul Mitchell, and his skills expanded, helping him perfect his craft. He learned how to layer hair, razor cut, color, round brush and more. He took those skills and began working his magic.

His first major client was Porsha Williams, from the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The reality star was looking for a hairstylist in Chicago to lay her hair for the Steve Harvey Show, after an influx of people mentioning Tae’s Instagram name, he was later chosen to gift Porsha with his services

I’ve seen bomb hair, wigs that are colored beautifully and sew-ins that look like the person’s hair but, never have I seen someone’s frontal so laid it looks like it’s coming out of the person’s scalp! Tae’s hands are blessed and his skills are unmatched.

Recently, Nicki Minaj asked her fans and followers to tag a hair stylist and many tagged Tae. Days later, we see the Queen and Tae wand-curling a colorful wig and fans went into a frenzy!

“One piece of encouragement I have for people is to follow your dreams and stay positive. You have to have faith and believe in yourself. You have to stay humble,” said Tae.

Tae has been working so hard and deserves his recognition. He has created two looks for Nicki so far and as a fan of both, I can’t wait to see the looks she will be giving us this year!

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