#MCM: Ant Kan$cious Is Your Soul Bruvah and He’s Got Something To Say

By Marvianna Gray

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It’s always fun linking up with my favorite local musicians and I got the pleasure of doing a Q&A with my boy Ant Kan$cious. He’s been shaking up the East Coast with his crazy rap flow for some time now and you know blackaphillyated LOVES sharing new talent with our fans.

What I enjoy most about Ant’s music is his rhymes, they’re usually very lyrical and thought provoking! The young emcee channels depression, politics, being a black man in America and just your regular struggles of a 20-something year old through his rhymes. But with life’s trials and errors, Ant still sees success!

Get to know more about our Soul Bruvah Ant Kan$cious below! Let us know if you’re rocking with this new #ArtistToWatch.

Q. Where are you from

I am from Newark, NJ also known as Brick City. Although I didn’t grow up in a particularly lavish or safe area, my upbringing along with my exposure to this environment has helped me grow into the person that I am today. I take pride in being a proud Newark native and I represent where I’m from no matter where I am. 

Q. When’d you start making music and why?

I’ve been writing since the 3rd grade, and I’ve been rapping since the 5th grade. However, I didn’t actually start making music until after 8th grade. When I was in high school I really started trying to discuss issues and topics in my songs that were important to me. I also focused on developing my lyricism and delivery. Once I learned that this craft was my niche I just knew that writing and making music was for me. 

I instantly got a thrilling high from writing relatable content and sharing it with others. All throughout high school I spent countless hours and sleepless nights writing verses in my bedroom. I also remember listening to instrumentals while typing verses in my iPhone notes as I paced through the hallways in between classes. I often found myself sitting in the auditorium alone after school writing songs.

Most of my peers were dedicated student athletes, partiers, and dancers. Writing and making music was my sport, it was my art, and til this very day it is still my craft and driving passion. I didn’t go to parties often in my adolescence I spent a lot of time working on my studies as well as my craft. 

Simply put, I make music because it is what I love to do more than anything else in this world. I feel like music was God’s gift to me and all I want to do is share my gift with others. I believe my soul purpose is to make timeless content that the youth can relate to and also be inspired by. Most importantly I just want to expand and build a platform for myself and my extended family members so we all can live better lifestyles while creating both a legacy and an empire for our children.

Q. Who do you make music for? Who’s your general audience?

Truthfully I make music for anyone who will listen. I try to cater to everyone yet still be myself at the same time. I was raised by HipHop, Soul, and R&B, all outstanding genres where artists truly express themselves, and I try to emulate that in my own music. 

Honestly my main goal is to target those who are growing up trying to find themselves, those who feel left out, forgotten, and alone. I want my music to embrace all people no matter what orientation, race, or self identified gender. However, I still want to help empower and encourage education to my fellow minorities and remind them that we are royalty and that we matter despite whatever our society has to say about it. The point that I mainly want to get across is that I make human music. I express pain and struggle that we all feel and never want to talk about and I try to paint pictures of hope in my lyrics.

Q. Any new projects coming out? 

I am currently working on two projects at the moment, a mixtape that I wish to release before the end of 2018 and my first official EP which will be coming out next year. The title of the mixtape that I’ve been working on is “Key to the Soulman’s Heart” – this project is a story based on my experiences of love and love loss. I truly believe in my heart of hearts that this project will touch anybody who listens and gives it a chance. There are definitely timeless gems on this project and my latest single

H B K will also be featured on it as well.

Q. Where can we find your music?

You can find my music under “Ant Kan$cious” on Soundcloud, Spinrilla, and YouTube. I often post links on my instagram (@soulbruvah) and my twitter (@kan_tha_baptist). So follow me and stay tuned. My name is Ant Kan$cious aka Kan Tha Baptist and I am your Soul Brother.

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