Lil Wayne Has Been Layering His Uggs to New Heights For Years

By: Isaac Breese

Instagram: @pinsandlapels

Medium: Isaac Breese

I don’t know how long you’ve been following Lil Wayne but did you know he was a die-heart fan of Ugg boots?

Yea, me neither.

Apparently, he’s been wearing them for quite some time (even before they became a trending item among men).

His affection for the brand has been sighted on several occasions. In Drake’s music video for single Motto back in 2012 Lil Wayne wore a pair of green Uggs (yea I missed that too). He’s even been spotted courtside at basketball games with red zebra striped Uggs and a pair of white Ugg boots.

Lil Wayne has always been a free spirit when it comes to what he wears so it shouldn’t be a surprise to see him wearing Uggs.

But this time he’s bringing it up a notch at the close of 2018. 

For his set at WJBL Big show, he chose a layered pair by Paris-based brand Y/Project. They came with three exaggerated folds, one on top of the other and each one lined with shearling. He matched it with distressed zebra print jeans, a blue hoodie, and a brown, shearling-lined trapper hat.

Not the greatest fashion statement but since it’s Lil Wayne he can get away with it. Yet one thing is for certain; he definitely left 2018 with a footprint to remember with this pair. We’ll see if he can top himself in the new year.

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