“Lil Uzi Vert Vs. The World” Mixtape Review

By Aaron Ball

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Lil Uzi Vert dropped his new mixtape, “Lil Uzi vert Vs. The World”, on April 15. The new project is definitely a detour from Lil Uzi’s “Luv is Rage” mixtape, but nonetheless it speaks to more than one audience. Uzi was also accompanied by some of the most prolific engineers in the game like, Don Cannon, Metro Boomin, Maaly Raw, and Wondagurl.

The mixtape’s cover also speaks for itself with an anime Lil Uzi Vert looking up at his girl, Brittany Byrd, who is lying peacefully on top of his purple hair. Throughout the majority of the project, Uzi shows us his emotional side by speaking about how his girlfriend completes him.

Lil Uzi starts off the mixtape with a banger called, “Canadian Goose” that is produced by Philadelphia’s own, Mally Raw. In the song, Uzi talks about his dominant fashion sense and how nobody is colder than him and Brittany. Interesting enough, Brittany happens to be a fashion consultant who styles Uzi from time to time.

“Hi Roller” was also produced by Maaly Raw and makes you want to dance as soon as the beat drops. If you’re not a big cartoon fan, you might not get this bar because Uzi loves making references to many cartoon shows from the early 2000’s. “Open up my mouth white diamonds when I grin, Yeah I am not from this earth like Invader Zim,” says Lil Uzi.

“Money Longer” is nothing new to fans as Uzi blessed us with this track months ago. Don Cannon made the beat’s intensely build along with   the chorus. Personally my favorite line from the song is from the chorus; “It does not matter, Turn to a savage, Pockets got fatter, she call me daddy.”

“Grab The Wheel” talks about Uzi’s struggle and journey that started in the grimy streets of Philly, but since he has been touring the world and making money, he now has no worries. He paints this picture by saying, “I was broke, I was just at home, Now I’m on the road, talking to Usher at the Grove.”

Uzi’s next track “You Was Right” was produced by none other than Metro Boomin. Uzi really dives in emotionally by talking about his relationship with Byrd and how he wants peace with her rather than arguments.

imageMetro Boomin also produced “Baby Are You Home”. The young rapper talks about his compatibility with Brittany and how he has trust issues when it comes to other chicks. So he rather just, “Pull up in that Porsche, [with] Brittany in the Lotus”.

“P&Q’s” might be the ideal candidate for the radio with the melodic chorus and catchy lyrics Uzi delivers. The beginning of the song starts out with, “She had a n*gga that was on the music scene, He thought he was me?”

“Team Rocket” brings back nostalgic memories because I used to watch Pokemon all the time during my childhood. Uzi compares his relationship with Brittany to James and Jesse’s from the hit show as he mentions that Brittany resented him at first, but now the tables have turned for the better.

“Scott and Ramona”, I feel, is the most slept on track on the mixtape and is my second favorite song off the mixtape. An interesting fact about the mixtape concept is that it was inspired from the movie, Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World.

Uzi’s mixtape is a piece of art, and we can see that he is not afraid to express himself through his music. The lane he is choosing sets himself apart from other artists. The self proclaimed rockstar continues to influence this young hip-hop generation through his creativity and originality.

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