Lebron James is Speaking Out About the Cavaliers and Barkley

By Aaron Randolph

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Lebron James has been putting plenty of pressure on the Cavaliers front office these past few weeks. He’s stated to the media that he wants the Cavs front office to make some moves before the trade deadline passes. James main argument has been that the team’s biggest need is a backup point guard behind Kyrie Irving.  

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The Cavs are the reigning NBA Champions but they were 4-6 in their last ten games. We can tell the frustration is building based on Lebron’s recent comments towards former NBA player and analyst Charles Barkley. We’re not used to seeing Bron get so easily rattled by outside comments. Of course Barkley is known for making ridiculous comments about players without any remorse.

Everyone knows the King has been getting everything he wants. The Cavs have given him everything since James has decided to come back to the Cavaliers in 2014.  They were able to acquire Kevin Love in a trade, sign J.R Smith last summer and retain Tristan Thompson as well. They have the highest payroll in the NBA.  The Cavs front office turned down a trade for Kevin Love and Carmelo Anthony which was a smart idea. Carmelo won’t be a great fit for the team at this point in the season. I understand James’ frustration, but he’s the best player in the world and he should understand that any trade will come with a steep price.

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It’s inappropriate to call the team’s front office out publicly. He has to stop complaining and stay patient. Lebron has a good team and he just has to win with them for right now. Any trade that they make will not be enough to be the Golden State Warriors in the Finals.  I hope the team does make a trade for a backup point guard because it is needed. They have no constant scorer on their bench. If the Cavs want to repeat as champions, they will have to make a move before the trade deadline. One thing is for certain LeBron James won’t keep quiet until they do.

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