Feeling Lazy? Here Are Some Lazy Fall Hairstyle Inspirations


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You hop out of your bed on a regular Monday, ready to go to class, when you realize refreshing your wash and go with water only makes it drier. As you make your way to class, you come to the understanding that the cold weather is the reason your hair changed so drastically. The fall and winter seasons can be extremely tough for your hair, so it is vital to minimally change the style of your hair to keep it protected.


Monday & Tuesday: The Classic Twist-out


For girls who enjoy wearing their hair out and rarely wear protective styles, twist-outs are the perfect option. Simply twisting clean, moisturized hair and sealing it with oil when taking them down, creates a beautiful hairstyle that enhances length retention. It is also super easy to change up your hairstyle from a twist-out.


Wednesday & Thursday: The Simple Yet Elegant Bun










Spray your hair with water so it is easily malleable, apply your favorite leave-in conditioner, and seal your hair in the bun with the oil of your choice. You can also use gel if you feel your hair needs to be slicked down, but this is optional because gel can dry up your hair. The type of bun you opt for is completely up to you. My personal favorites are the lazy messy bun and the classy slick back bun, because  they can easily be worn up or down.


Friday & Saturday: The Halo Crown


Once again, spray your hair with water and apply leave in conditioner as well as some type of oil. For this hairstyle, you’ll need to either braid or twist your hair close to the scalp, because that helps in maintaining moisture. Since your hair was out the first few days of the week, is has been subject to dirt and dryness. Keeping your hair tucked in a protective style ensures the health of your strands.

These were some lazy hairstyle inspirations for the fall time. Even though these hairstyles rarely require any effort to achieve, spritzing your hair with water daily and oiling your scalp during the week is essential in keeping your hair in a healthy state during the season. When it comes to the styles, they can obviously be altered and modified to fit every girl or guy’s liking and hair type. Remember, do not do anything that will put the health of your hair in danger! You know how your hair behaves and you should listen to it.

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