Is Lauryn Hill’s Career Over?

By Kayla Solomon

As of recent, Lauryn Hill hasn’t had the best reputation in the music business. She is known to run late to shows, and not just five minutes, but hours late.

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Last week, she had a show scheduled in Atlanta where she ran two hours late and only performed for 40 minutes due to a curfew at the venue. The “Twitter-sphere” exploded with criticisms and the term of her being “washed up” surfaced. Is it true that one of the greatest women to grace hip-hop is washed up?

CNN put together an article that highlights some of the singer’s most controversial moments in the media. Some of them include her MTV: Unplugged show, her “call me Ms. Hill” interview, and when she criticized the Catholic Church at none other than Vatican City. She’s always been different, and in the words of my mother, she is a hot mess.

Being a 90’s baby, I hate to say that Lauryn Hill is “washed up”. I don’t put her in that category. As a matter of fact, I look forward to the day when she puts out an album that’s anywhere near as appreciable as The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill. Until then, she should continue to make music, but maybe take a break from doing shows.

Instead, she can do more radio and television interviews and maybe make appearances at music festivals. Ms. Hill said herself that she’s “going to make it up” to the attendees of her Atlanta show, whatever that means. I love her, but she should probably concentrate more on being in the studio than traveling for shows. Unless you’ll be running late to her concert yourself, keep your money.

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