Lauren London Will Represent Nipsey Hussle Forever – Unbreakable Bond

By Dymond Alexis

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Will we ever get to experience true love? The love that lasts eternally, even after-death? Hearing Lauren London speak about her time with Nipsey Hussle is nostalgic but, the fact that she was able to experience real love is amazing.

The two dated for five years and had a beautiful son together name, Kross. Both London and Hussle had children prior to being together but, made their family blend perfectly. Hussle accepted London’s son as his own and so did London with his daughter. The two have been inseparable since they linked after a DM on social media, taking a small break but, their love wasn’t broken.

It is heartbreaking that Lauren London has to endure this type of pain and raise her son Kross without his father physically there – but, as she stared at Nipsey Hussle’s service, the marathon will continue. Yesterday after the service, Lauren London revealed a sentimental portrait on her arm of Nipsey. The tattoo has the phrase “God Will Rise,” which is the translation of Nipsey’s first name Ermias.

“Real Love Never Dies When you see me, you will always see him #LoveYouHussle #TMC,” she captioned the photo. 

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