Kofi Siriboe’s Last Instagram Flick Deserves Some Attention

After the renewal of Queen Sugar for the 5th season, Kofi Siriboe took some time to get back on Instagram and people are loving it.

Recently his posts are few and far in between but when he does post it’s always one worth seeing. 

Just a few days ago Siriboe posted an image an outfit that only someone of his stature could pull off. He was casually sitting on a stool as he gazed out a window.

With his legs staggered but relaxed his body was draped an oversized white denim shirt and wide-leg brown suede pant that gently played overtop his 205w39nyc Calvin Klein boots.

The backdrop was just as simple and classic as his outfit; white walls decorated by a single plant.

And though this shot wasn’t apart of a photoshoot or taken with a high-quality DSLR this genius could still be seen in his outfit selection and location scouting. 

Post Author: Isaac Breese

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