Kodie Shane Creating Her Own Path, Breaking Barriers and Constantly Making Fans Proud

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“Man, this beat so hard,” is a sign that the song is going to be fire and that Kodie Shane is about to ride the beat.

The tagline came about when she was 15 but, has became a known piece of her music since day one. Kodie Shane has grew into an innovator who’s wearing her feelings on her sleeve letting fans and listeners know exactly where she’s at in life.

Kodie Williams, known as Kodie Shane has grasped our attention and has listeners waiting for her next stop. Born in Chicago but raised in Atlanta, the 20-year-old has blossomed into an artist who is carefree, living her best life and isn’t worrying about what anyone thinks.

Besides wanting to improve her patience, something we all struggle on, Kodie is traveling the world on her world tour, making a stop in Philadelphia March 3. Off the release of her debut LP, Young Heartthrob, Kodie Shane is steadily rising and gaining the major recognition that she deserves. As you’re listening to Young Heartthrob you can simply hear the emotions Kodie has built within since the release of her last project and can relate to her as you listen track by track.

“It was years of different emotions, all different type of emotions – that’s years of shit,” Kodie Shane states as she explains the state of mind she was in while recording Young HeartThrob.

The project has so many various vibes. From “Pulling Up” which gives off a riding in the car with your friends, sunny day but, you thinking about bar type vibe to “End Like That” where Kodie talks about her personal life, expressing how she is in relationships and giving a glimpse of what being with a Scorpio is like. When it comes to being in a relationship that’s glorified on social media and sometimes criticized, Kodie states that relationships are hard to deal with in general.

“I feel like you can make any relationship work if you want to maintain but, it definitely has its challenges,” said Shane.

We agreed that Young HeartThrob was indeed a “growth spurt” project that showcased her growth as an artist, person and creative. The project was more than catchy hooks, it was filled with depth, emotion and simply Kodie. Her favorite songs from the project was “End Like That” and “High Speeds,” and feels that she was at her most vulnerable state while recording Young HeartThrob.

“It’s the realest music of 2018-2019, it’s the realest music of this generation – so if you haven’t heard it…,” said Kodie Shane.

Check out “Young HeartThrob” below and let us know what you think about the amazing project!

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