#KeepItRealSis: Men – Just Keep it 100 and Tell Us the Truth

By Dymond Alexis

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Why is it hard for males to tell women the truth? No matter how many times we tell them to tell the truth…they still lie and wonder why we try to fight them later!

In the past year, I went through a heartbreaking breakup while still getting over my previous relationship and probably other baggage that I kept bringing into my situations. Throughout this period of moving on, I met someone. I met him during a rough, dark time where I hated myself and didn’t want to live anymore. You know when something is so perfect there HAS to be something wrong?! It was and long story short he has a girlfriend after a day of us not communicating with each other and meeting this girl via Instagram two months ago. Even though he could’ve told me that he was interested in someone else he kept me around, led me on and dropped me when things were rough.

I tell this story to say fellas – why can’t y’all just tell us the truth? I feel like I’m speaking for every woman when I say yes, the truth hurts but, at least you told us instead of telling us an imaginary story that sounds great but, in reality isn’t the truth.

Here’s some tips for guys because I think they just don’t know how to handle us:

1. If you’re in a developing relationship or relationship period – tell us! Sometimes we begin to fall fast especially when things are going so good and we’re both single. What blows us is when you lie about someone we’ve asked about before and boom, you hit us with the news. We gave you an ample amount of times to tell us…you want to tell us after we’ve caught feelings and everything. We shouldn’t find out anything on Instagram. Shame on you!

2. If you just want sex…say it, we might just want it too! Guys always think we want to be in a relationship when sir, that’s not even the case. Most women I talk to want to keep their body count low and have relations with one person. That doesn’t mean she necessarily wants to have a relationship with that person but, she isn’t opposed to just having sex. Guys always want to blame the female for wanting a relationship when in reality she might just want the d.

3. If you don’t want a relationship, we don’t need to act like we’re in one. This is one thing I hate – if you don’t want a relationship then let’s chill out then! Like I said previously guys always think we want a relationship when in reality they do but, are confused. Most men love the reality of having two women, one being their main the other being the backup when the main is acting up. No sir! Either you with me or you not – it’s no in between.

Men, we just want y’all to be real with us! We’re stronger than you think we are. Also ladies, don’t get mad at the female because more than likely they didn’t know. Leave the entire situation alone, boss up and start serving your purpose and it’s not entertaining him sis.

Alexa, play Jhene Aiko “Triggered,” please!

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