Jidenna’s Nigerian Roots and ‘Swank’ Sound Shine On His Debut Album “The Chief”

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It’s finally here, Jidenna’s debut album, “The Chief”!

We first heard of Jidenna when he came to the scene with the major hit, “Classic Man”, back in 2015. I’m familiar with his signature style of classic attire, but until this album I still couldn’t pinpoint the Wondaland artist’s sound.

“The Chief” is dedicated to his late father. The album has skits from the Nigerian comedian Chief Obi who portrays the character Uncle Palm Wine, the drunken uncle that’s filled with wisdom, but is also “filled with sh*t and doesn’t make any sense,” as he explained in his latest interview with The Breakfast Club.

Hottest Songs on “The Chief”

“Long Live The Chief”

“Now they say ‘Jidenna why you dressing so classic?’ I don’t want my best dressed day in a casket”

It’s one of the hottest songs on the album, and in my opinion may be the best track that Jidenna has released in his career. As the album follows, Jidenna in his trials and tribulations, “Long Live The Chief” is about him following his father’s footsteps by being a prominent figure in society, a leader. Jidenna’s flow on the track has almost a freestyle feel to it and this is most likely because the song is all one verse and a chorus. Lyrically, he is truly at his best.

“Two Points”

“I don’t spend no major time with no minor people”

The shortest tracks are always the most fire! “Two Points” is similar to “Long Live The Chief” where Jidenna is coming straight at listeners with bars and an intense delivery. This is the side of Jidenna that I love to hear the most, because you can hear the old school rap influence; it’s old school meets new school. The production on this track is crazy and the team behind it are Hit-Boy, Nana Kwabena and Andrew Horowitz. The title ties in with how Nigerian parents, including Jidenna’s father, are never satisfied with a test score unless it’s 100. On the track, he raps about being at the highest level of himself, his abilities, and how everything that he does is nothing less than 100.


This seems to be one of the fan favorites for many since the album’s release and it also happens to be the first promotional single. The track is one of the few instances where we get to take a look into Jidenna’s romantic side. He sings on the classic soul meets hip hop instrumental about how he doesn’t want to hurt his lover and tells her he wishes that he could be faithful.

Roundup of “The Chief”

Jidenna is an artist who never forgets where he comes from and I truly admire that. Being that I’m Nigerian-American like him, I was able to relate with the album. But, what makes this album great is that anyone listening will still be able to connect somehow. Jidenna has that gift where he is able to engage listeners with his music and make them want to learn more about him, because he’s not doing what everyone else is doing. He’s always bringing energy and a sound that is far from one-dimensional. The release of “The Chief” was long awaited, but it was definitely worth the wait.

Rating: 7/10

Check out Jidenna’s “The Chief” on Apple Music.

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