“Insecure” Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: Issa and Molly Are Making Major Mistakes

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*Spoilers alert*

I want to start off this episode recap by saying, every character on this show is getting on my nerves!


The episode starts off where it basically left off with Issa and Daniel rekindling their situationship. Except this time, Issa wants to make it strictly friends with benefits. Issa is really turning down a chance with Daniel for a d*mn roster. I was cool with her hoe phase at first, but now I am so disappointed in her actions. I’m moving from Team Issa to Team Daniel permanently.


While being bored at jury duty, Lawrence finds himself scrolling through Facebook and sees Issa with Daniel in a picture. We all have done that zoom-in to see if our eyes are deceiving us or not. Now, the tables have turned from Issa stalking Tasha on social media to Lawrence investigating Daniel’s page.

Frieda is beginning to get hella shady and passive aggressive. She has the right to be upset with Issa, because if it were a white principal being racist towards black students, she would have called for action immediately. But, Frieda needs to be more assertive if she wants to see a change for the Latino students at East 41st.

Molly’s parents are renewing their vows after 35 years of marriage, super cute! While preparing for the celebration, Dro’s tall a** shows up. I can’t lie, him and Molly have some great chemistry going on. But, just because there’s chemistry, doesn’t mean that they have to act on it. Even though Dro has been persistent, Molly is putting her foot down. For now that is.

Issa goes out on her date with her Hispanic papi, Nico, from Tinder and it actually goes smoothly. He’s a grown hardworking man who is big ballin’. He’s also a sweetheart and there was nothing but laughs throughout the date; she can keep this guy on the roster.

Lawrence and Derek have a sit down talk at a bar and Derek breaks the truth down that Lawrence desperately needed to hear. “Honestly, this ain’t all on Issa. You spent two years unemployed. Not doing sh*t, letting your woman take care of you”. The truth hurts Lawrence!


Lawrence is an example of an entitled guy who feels they can do no wrong and always places the blame on others. That reality check that Derek served was essential.

When I saw Sterling on my screen I was like, ‘Hold up! Didn’t she straight curve him a few weeks ago?’ But, I’m happy that she decided to try and give him another shot. He’s a nice guy, but he’s too much of a clingy pushover, and I can tell that Molly still isn’t feeling it. Things continue going downhill when one of Molly’s aunts spills the tea on her parents and she asks her brother to ask if he knew what she was implying. Turns out early on in the marriage, Molly’s father cheated on her mother. This news is heartbreaking for Molly because her parents have always been her blueprint for a strong and loving relationship.

After getting distracted by a nude, Issa gets into a car accident and now her car is messed up. Daniel comes to her rescue and while hugging tells her “You know I got you”. This made Issa have to pump the brakes and remind Daniel what they were. She really had to ruin that beautiful moment. Daniel is clearly catching feelings, so she needs to not break my boy’s heart again and leave him alone.

Lawrence was really sitting in an empty room full of boxes, drinking and on Issa’s Facebook page with Bryson playing in the background. He’s hurting, but that scene had me cracking up. He blocked her, but we all know he’s going to run into her sooner than later. You can’t block feelings, Lawrence.

Dro consoles Molly and takes her to her spot. I knew he wasn’t calling no Lyft home. Him and Molly ended up having sex, which I feel we all saw coming, even though we didn’t want it to happen.


She was holding on strong at first, but the mess with her parents basically made her be like “F**k it”. He was looking pristine in that fitted suit though, I don’t blame her. But, from the looks of the preview for next week’s episode, this whole sex capade is turning into a regular thing. This is not going to end well. And, why is Dro’s wife always M.I.A?

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