If You’re Gonna Pop that Pimple, Pop it Right!


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We’ve all suffered from one (or many) pimples that infect our skin and makes our face look like a mess. And while pimples are normal (you should embrace them!), they can be annoying sometimes and be physically hurtful as well. Here are some tips and tricks to pop your pimples, especially when you don’t have the fancy tools to do it in the most sanitary way possible. I’ll teach you how to get rid of your pimples while making sure you’re keeping your fingers and skin clean!

Wash your face 

First off, run your face through warm water to open your pores and once you feel like they’re open, apply your favorite cleanser. Massage it in circular motions and make sure to take your time while doing so. Wash it off with warm water again and lightly pat dry (still keep a little moisture in your face, so don’t pat to harsh). Now wash your hands to make sure they’re clean before you get on with your popping skills!

Pop that pimple baby! 

Once you’ve sanitized your face and hands, grab two tissues together and press them onto your pimple very gently. If the pimple won’t pop like you want it to, give it some time–don’t force your pimple to disappear because that will definitely make it worse.

Follow your skincare routine 

Your pimple’s all popped now–or at least reduced, follow with the normal steps of your routine. Tone your face to clean up the area you’ve exerted pressure on, and make sure to add some sort of a spot-reducing cream for your pimple to reduce its appearance and inflammation. Pick a treatment that fits you best, but don’t go too harsh because your skin might get flake-y and dry. After applying your spot-reducing treatment (my favorite is tea-tree oil), go in with a light moisturizer that will keep your skin dewy and fresh but won’t weigh it down.

Extra steps 

If you want to make sure your pimple will disappear as soon as possible, make sure you sleep on a clean pillowcase and don’t touch your face for the rest of the night. Pillowcases tend to hold a lot of bacteria from the nights you’ve slept on it before, etc, and let’s not even talk about your hands! Even though you washed them prior, you probably held your phone, went through some snacks before going to sleep and such. Make sure to clean everything around you–better hygiene is the key to healthier skin!

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