How To Get Out Of An Emotional Funk


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It happens to the best of us. Something goes a little wrong in your life and you get overwhelmed, slumping into an emotional funk that you don’t seem to get out of. Figuring out what to do in times like these are very subjective, of course, but I found certain things that work for me when I feel drained emotionally and discouraged career-wise. When I can’t seem to find inspiration, these are the things I resort to do and I hope they’ll help you too!


I find the best thing that helps me when I’m in a slump is relaxing. Allowing myself to feel how I feel. If I’m not motivated to do anything, I’ll simply not do anything. I’ll lounge around the house for a day so I can be ready to be more energized tomorrow. You may think “I have too many responsibilities to do that,” but you’re wrong. Taking care of your mental state should be a priority in your life–and priorities always take the forefront. Think about it: taking time off today will enable you to work at your best ability tomorrow, being full of energy and inspired. So take your time to feel what you feel, don’t concern yourself with outside influences.

Self Care 

The next extremely important thing to get myself out of a funk. Add lounging around the house to putting on a face mask, or running a warm bath. Pampering yourself acts as a statement: you are worth it. You deserve taking care of your body and your physical appearance because you’re a good person on the inside. This is an amazing reminder when you feel emotionally drained.

Distract Yourself 

If your funk is due to a specific event that happened and that you have no control over, distract yourself if facing it is too hard for you at the moment. Don’t force yourself to feel negative emotions if it’ll only make things worse. You can put your favorite tv show on, listen to music and dance to it, or simply hang out with friends that make you feel your best. You’ll get a fresh start and feel a lot better.

Biggest tip of all, listen to your intuition. If you strongly feel like you need to sleep all day to get out of your funk, do that. If, on the other hand, you need to be energized and move, do that. Make sure you listen to yourself in all circumstances because you are all that matters. You control your life and your voice, so take steps that will make you feel whole and complete.


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