How to Find Your Happiness Again

By Dymond Alexis

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When you feel like life is just getting away from you, it’s hard not to lose your happiness at times. In life we go through so many various emotions that can change daily and can never determine how we may feel the next day.

After a few failed potential relationships, things in my life not going as planned and more; it was hard to find my happiness again and even harder to love myself. I am still trying to find my happiness but, here are some tips to get you in the right direction.

1. Remove Toxic People From Your Life
Who are toxic people? Toxic people are people who constantly judge, manipulate and always have to prove yourself to them. These people don’t deserve to be in your life because, they never consider your feelings! You will continue to fight for their approval and you’ll never get it. Remove these people out of your life and even though it’ll be hard, it will be best for you. Don’t contact them! No matter how lonely you’re feeling, how much love you think they might can give you – don’t go back! You will be hurt afterwards and will have to pick up the pieces yourself.

2. Connecting With Yourself Spiritually
When I was going through one of the most rough times of my life I distanced myself from God, not knowing that I should’ve been getting closer to him. I started to strengthen my relationship with God and began reading Daily Devotion scriptures everyday to enhance my knowledge of him. No matter what your religion is you can always connect with a higher up! Doesn’t mean you have to go to church but, learning more makes you understand life better at times. I learned to put everything in God’s hands and let him work it out! A few months ago, I got into a horrible car accident and my biggest worry was getting my son around safely. Days before my due date my father surprised me with a new car! I was wondering why I kept getting denied for cars and it’s because that wasn’t in God’s plan.

3. Doing Activities to Make You Happy
What makes you happy? Whether it’s a little retail therapy, getting your hair done or just enjoying some fresh air – take some time out to do something that makes you feel good! Doing this will definitely boost your confidence and make you feel like yourself again.

Of course finding your happiness takes time but, life takes time! To make things better you have to continuously work to do so. I’m still a working progress but, don’t give up!

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