How One Fashion experiment Turned Into A Successful T-shirt Business

By: Isaac Breese

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With each passing day it seems like a new t-shirt brand rises out of the depths of someone’s basement with one brand looking no different than the next. 

They all are spreading the same messages, they all come in white, and they all are about the same price. At this point I think the internet has suffered enough.

However there is one t-shirt brands worth looking in to; London based brand T-Shirt Party.

After a five year hiatus and some pleading from desperate fans, founder Cieron Magat is bringing back some of his most popular Ts as well as some new releases. 

The brand originally started as a temporary fashion experiment with the only ingredients being a heat press, inkjet printer, and some white t-shirts. But despite the simplicity and short-term nature, it grew into a community who wanted to express themselves in a humorous yet humanitarian way. 

Magat didn’t make it hard to put a smile on people’s face when they saw one of his t-shirts. 

Seeing an “ELIZABETH IS MY WIFEY” t-shirt could easily put a smile on the face of an unsuspecting stranger. And for dog lovers, they would just adore the “HANGING HERE ON MY ONES” t-shirt. 

One of Magat’s approach to clothes was to never be too serious. He feels as though there should always sense of humor when it comes to fashion. If you asked Magat himself he would say he was creating “Memes before there were memes”.

This playful approach to streetwear is one of the reasons people fell in love with the brand. You could tell that the T-Shirt Party label didn’t try to hard to make the clothes they were just having fun with it and people responded favorably.

But amidst the humor, T-Shirt Party has a more solemn tone that stems from the side effects of global woes .

Shirts like “TEARS ARE COOL” remind people that it’s ok to cry, that it’s ok to show emotion. “SAVE THE WORLD” t-shirt with 29 year old U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez plastered on the front speaks to women empowerment, that they have the ability to make the world whole.

Though the shirts are rather simple they send a powerful message. They give encouragement to be brave, to be vulnerable, and to support those who are doing something great. 

The ideas behind the shirt aren’t farfetched either. Magat didn’t go out of his way to create something innovative, he simply identified the emotions of people and put them on a t-shirt.

“People are fond of T-Shirt Party because it never tried to sell anything that hard” said Magat. 

Sometimes the greatest inventions, products, and ideas are those that are relatively simple. So many startups fail because they try too hard to be innovative and create something that no one has ever seen before. 

However, the successful ones know that to create something that people want and to create something that lasts requires simplicity. 

Magat understood this. He understood that people wanted to wear something simple but with a message. 

“They’re just cheap tees with nice ideas that you can wear or lose or let fade away in the washing machine”. That’s all people want from a t-shirt brand.

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