How Do You Find Your Own Style?


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Let me ask you a question, what’s your fashion style? “What do you wear on the daily and why do you wear it?”–is a better question right? Everyone seems to think they need to fit in a specific category in their lives (race, sexual orientation, etc), but it’s sad that it happens in the world of fashion as well. Every time we’re not “in style” or that we branch out of our comfort zone, it just seems like the entire planet is judging us and we immediately go back to our previous clothes. Finding your own style should have nothing to do with the opinion of others.

Get clothes you are comfortable in

That means being comfortable physically or emotionally! I’m not just talking about basic sweatpants and pjs, you can still find clothes that look good to you and in which you feel comfortable. Comfortable clothes will keep you from feeling weird about your style, because you’ll never have to pull those pants up, to get squeezed into that dress. Eventually, it’ll become a pleasure to wear these clothes, and you’ll carry yourself in a more confident manner.

Don’t worry about whether or not it’s “trendy” 

“Trendy” is subjective. “Trendy” is something people made up, simply because teenage girls copied the way each other was dressing on the daily. Being “trendy” could be a compliment, but wouldn’t you love to just be your own person? Dress the way you want to dress, with clothes you truly love. Who cares if those baggy pants look disgusting to some? You feel good in them, and that’s all that matters.

Your clothes don’t have to look the same

You can have an array of jeans, oversized or not, and you can also have an array of very pretty, delicate, dresses. You can mix dresses with sneakers, you can mix and match patterns. Don’t feel limited to having a clothing rack with similar style clothes! You are so much more than what people think of you, so do what makes you happy and try to distance yourself from wondering about other people’s opinions–and your style will truly be yours.

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