How Can You Hate Blac Youngsta?

By Nasir Harris-Salahuddin

Twitter: @YariNasty

So this morning, I scrolled through my YouTube recommendations and saw Mass Appeal’s Open Space Interview with CMG’s Blac Youngsta. Personally, I’ve been a fan of Youngsta’s since I heard him on “The Good Die Young” alongside CMG President Yo Gotti and Boosie Badazz. So I have a different appreciation for his music.

So back to the main point. I began to watch the interview, and I asked… how can you hate Blac Youngsta? I admittedly admire Blac Youngsta, not for his antics, but for how genuine and humble he appears to be. Youngsta begins his interview after a few moments of realizing how blessed he is to offer a prayer. How many rappers genuinely take the time to do that? Sure he may not be the most articulate person, but who is anyone to judge his speech, epecially coming from his background!

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Youngsta goes on to talk about coming up, from living in his grandmother’s one-bedroom house, sleeping on the floor, to working for food, not for money for food. He discussed his academic upbringing and the classes he was put in due to him not wanting to do schoolwork. He explains it was because he didn’t have time to do it, because he had ┬áto focus on gathering money for his family.

He later goes on to talk about the loss of his brother, who was killed, which made him so depressed because in Youngsta’s mind, his brother was supposed to go to college, and eventually come back and bring him up-to-par. He eventually goes on to talk about his role as an artist, as well as how Yo Gotti has influenced him as a man, and more.

Now let’s make a calculation…. if you take a young man from the streets, who had to get money to provide for his family since a young age plus trying to uplift his circumstances, and is now able to enjoy life on a much higher level that he came from, you will definitely get a Blac Youngsta.

With that being said, can everyone leave this young King alone, and respect him for his hustle coming from his circumstances?

Thank you very much ladies and gentlemans! Check out the interview above.

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