How Apple Cider Vinegar and Tea Tree Oil Cleared My Skin


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Philadelphia’s weather is annoying–as many of you would know. When I’m back home (Europe and Africa), my skin is always clear and I never experience breakouts. As a matter of fact, I had never experienced acne before I got to Philly. And while other places in the US have less pollution and cleaner water, I had to work with what I have. I started looking up remedies to clear skin and formulated a whole skincare regimen, but it didn’t go as I had planned.

My regimen consisted of a toner (apple cider vinegar mixed with water), a cleanser, an acne reducing cream, and a moisturizer. I slowly began to realize, however, that this daily routine was a little too harsh on my skin and caused more trouble than good. I was heavily confused, I started buying more and more products before I came to that realization.

After I figured out my skin loved a simple regimen, I would simply apply a face mask once a week, and only used my toner when I felt that my skin was too dry and lifeless. Instead of harsh acne reducing creams, I purchased tea tree oil for my large breakouts, and that was it! My skin immediately started to clear up and acne scars started fading–I couldn’t believe it. Of course, I think this was only one part of what cleared my skin up: I also switched my nutrition, drinking a lot more water and fruits and vegetables, and especially getting rid of a lot of fatty foods in my diet. This whole combination of things helped clear my skin, but I believe the apple cider vinegar in moderation was what gave my skin the boost it needed.

What works for me may not work for you, however, if you feel stuck and your skincare routine isn’t doing what it’s meant to, try keeping things more simple and gentle. Use cleansers made for your skin type and listen to the way your skin feels–not only how it looks. You got this girl!

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