11 thoughts on “Gudda Gang Releases Visual For New Single “Got Hit”

  1. I’m trying my hardest to support him because he’s from Kinston but everything about this is corny!

    Niggas would NOT be trying to rap if three was still here, he would shut all that down ? they lame AF.

    Like my nigga said “yo whole roster pussy, you still tryna coach?” ????

    3?W?RLD! #HollaGang

  2. This is trash. Just like Kash is Trash. Gudda is trash. 1100 to 700 tf down that’s how my niggas be. Fuck Gudda and his fat ass lips falling off his face when he rap. Twins look slow like all ways. And idk who the other dodo face ass niggas. Fuck Gudda Gang he can’t even rap. Stupid shit shouldn’t even be on YouTube. Ion understand what this shit is…..

  3. Down the hill got a squad full of talent threezy,OG,Vito,Savy,Dula,Drizzy,Chewlo all them boys nice they just need to get consistent with it especially OG and Chewlo gudda just need to stop this song is annoying somebody from dth needs to do a response

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