Give Aaron Judge the AL MVP Now

By Zach Haines

Twitter: @_zachhaines_

Instagram: @zachhaines15

The AL MVP race is over, and Aaron Judge is the winner. Even with it being halfway through the 2017 MLB season, no other player embodies what the “Most Valuable Player” is like Aaron Judge. It’s a lot like Russell Westbrook in the NBA, a player dominating all aspects of the game, putting up eye-popping numbers, and the team is thriving as a result of it. It’s tough to argue if the New York Yankees would be as good as they are now without Judge considering there are so many other highly skilled players on the roster, but one has to imagine there would be some kind of deterioration.

At only 25-years-old in his first full MLB season, Judge has amassed 30 home runs so far. That is one higher than the previous Yankee rookie home run record set by Joe DiMaggio 81 years ago. Additionally, Judge has a stat line of 75 runs/99 hits/208 total bases/30 home runs/66 RBI’s/.329 batting average/.691 slugging percentage/1.139 OPS. That’s absolutely absurd for a rookie.

Last night in his first All-Star Break, Judge put on a show at the T-Mobile Home Run Derby, posting 44 home runs on the night in Marlins Park. He won the contest with ease by slicing through the bracket like it was butter. Judge will be a starter for the American League team tonight in the 2017 MLB All-Star Game on FOX.

Typically, when a player has had the meteoric success that Judge has had, it always falls off towards the end of the year, sometimes starting as soon as the All-Star Break concludes. With Judge; however, it’s safe to bet he will only add to his impressive resume and continue blazing to the post season with a league MVP sure to be waiting for him.

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