Egyptian Designer Dana Frid Breaks The Internet


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Dana Frid, a designer from East Cairo in Egypt, developed a passion for fashion when she was only 17. She stumbled upon outfit and accessories inspiration from Tumblr. She claims she was “fascinated by everything since I had never seen anything like this in my entire life.”

Now she has made that fascination into a full-time job, by selling tees, hoodies, and pants “decorated with her original flora and fauna artwork and wordplay with luxury labels” via email.

In other words, Frid loves playing with name brands such as Gucci, Versace and Prada. She says those designs are inspired by the music she listens to: “I listen to a lot of R & B and rap songs,” Frid says. “Their lyrics always mention luxury brand names and that’s what initially inspired the slogans.”

But Frid’s future wasn’t so clear at a certain point. At such a young age, her parents and peers questioned her ability to make a living in a creative industry such as fashion. Thankfully, Frid’s mother was always extremely determined. “My friends and family—besides my mom—always tell me that fashion should be a hobby or something to do with my free time,” Frid says. “They always say that there’s no future for such an occupation in Egypt and advise me to be more realistic. Having no support was tough, but on the bright side it made me work even harder to prove myself.”

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