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By Dymond Alexis

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One of the most soothing, creative and dope artists in the game has excelled in gaining fans that truly love her. I have been following Jhené Aiko for years, since being a huge fan of boy group B2K and I have not only seen the growth of Jhené’s artistry but, I have witnessed her grow as a person. Her music has developed tremendously and my girl is finally in a happy space which her music reflects so!

I am going to list my top 10 Jhené Aiko songs below and also, she will be in Philadelphia May 5th to celebrate the Class of 2018, Cinco de Mayo and Boom 103.9’s first show! Get your tickets here.

1. Hoe featuring Miguel and Gucci Mane

This song randomly came on while I was listening to Pandora and it helped me remember how dope and honest this song was. Jhené Aiko teamed up with Miguel and Gucci Mane for “Hoe” which releases in 2011. The song channels not wanting the other person to think that you’re a hoe because, you know exactly what you want. The beat for this was fire and it shows the type of music that Jhené honestly wants to make.

2. The Worst

‘The Worst’ is such a perfect breakup song or if you just tired of their mess, play this song to make you feel 10 times better. The Worst definitely put Jhené on listeners’ radars and after this song, people were wondering exactly who she was. I remember my mom was singing his and I was like what you know about her? She didn’t but, wanted to.

3. Nobody

“I don’t need nobody, nobody,” literally one of my favorite songs her latest album, Trip.

4. Keep Your Head Up (2Pac Cover)

2Pac is one of Jhené’s favorite people and she sounded so good on this track! She actually re-recorded this at Spotify’s studio and it sounds bomb. Her vocals are amazing.

5. The Pressure

6. Never Call Me

Send your ex this song and see what he says. You have to tell them to wait for Kurupt’s part though to show them that you are the one!

7. July

After B2K, this was the first song that I heard from her and she teamed up with my brother Drake. I mean Jhené’s features are crazy. She has more than one song with Drake btw, which everyone isn’t blessed to have.

8. Spotless Mind

9. Stay Ready (What a Life) featuring Kendrick Lamar

10. Déjà Vu (Twenty88)
My sis Jhené ran this song! Big Sean opened it up for her to kill this shit! When I heard this I was like “Wow, her next album is going to be fire” and that it was!

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