Don’t Wait To Lose Weight

By: Chelsee Pompey IG: @everythingChelsee

We are more than half way through the year and a new year is right around the corner. Many people have and will vow to faithfully go to the gym and eat right after they’ve pigged out on Thanksgiving dinner. From January through Spring Break the gyms get pretty crowded.

I hear people (including myself) often say, “I’m going to start my diet [insert future date here],” usually followed by stuffing your face with an unhealthy food five minutes after the statement.

Some people rather spend big bucks on weight loss supplements such as pills, powders, and the newest thing body wraps. I’m not going to lie; quick weight loss schemes have reeled me in from time to time but the way my wallet is set up I’m always stuck between trying a diet product or spending my money on something more important. I’ve wrapped myself in saran wrap many times and have nearly drowned in the bucket of sweat that it produces. Although these products can assist in losing weight; the moment you stop using them your weight comes back just as fast as it left.

Fad diets are unhealthy and ineffective in the long run. Don’t wait until tomorrow, next week, or New Years to make a change. You don’t have to dive head first into healthier living either. I started by simply substituting my juice and soda with water, and then gradually changed my eating habits. Working out can be tough starting out but dedicating 45 minutes of your day to walk is a great way to get in the groove of working out regularly.

The hardest part is being patient, we expect to see results right after our first work out.  I had a bad habit of checking my weight every day and quickly realized how discouraging and unhealthy this was for my self-esteem. I wouldn’t recommend more than 2 weigh-ins per month. The best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning after using the bathroom. To lose weight and keep it off you should eat healthy, workout regularly, and stay motivated until it becomes a lifestyle change. It feels 10 times better when you reflect on your weight loss and you can say you achieved the results from hard work.

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