Digital Art Gallery Tour Celebrates One-Year Anniversary, Plus Interview with VH1’s Black Ink Crew, Walt

By Dymond Mumford

IMG_5665Immediately walking into the venue positive vibes flourished and you knew it was a celebration.

The Digital Art Gallery Tour celebrated their one-year anniversary this past weekend, but the honor goes to Kwashee Totimeh who founded the movement in 2014.

Kwashee founded the Digital Art Gallery Tour to bring interactive art expos to the modern day. With the tours, he opens up opportunities for various brands and artists, giving them a different market to advertise to. Kwashee has traveled to the DMV, NYC and more cities promoting the tour’s mission an connecting individuals on the east coast.

He has also had the pleasure to work alongside VH1’s Black Ink Crew, Walt; and headlines his photography during each event.

The day party included vendors, artists and performers from the span of five cities.

Bijoux’s Basket

Bijoux’s Basket, (@bijouxsbasket) DMV Based, provides “natural magic” for hair and skin. Sedia Mgofa, whom is studying the field of ethnobotany, founded the company. She began experiencing and testing different oil and herb blends on her and twelve others’ hair. From curling puddings to oil moisturizers, Bijoux’s Basket has everything to keep your hair and skin healthy.

Status Gang

Status Gang, (@statusgang) repping DC, was also one of the vendors featured at the day party. Status Gang is a lifestyle apparel brand, founded in 2011. Status Gang states having “status” means to be a trendsetter, leading the way and having a positive outlook on life.

Geechi Vigilantes

Geechi Vigilantes (@geechivigilantes) was founded by Temple alum. The brand is a culmination of “Geechi”, deriving from the Gullah natives and inspirations from the 90s era. The brand advocates for all individuals to research their own historical beliefs.

Nebulus Flair

I was wondering who was doing this amazing body paint on this queen who was constantly walking around the warehouse. Nebulus Flair (@nebulusflair) is a talented woman creating body art at various events.ClVGENMXIAIrGUMQori

The talented artist (@SoundslikeCorey) brought the “formation” series to this year one-year anniversary.ClRTVCeWYAAoszsKenny Dinero

A rapper from Queens, New York, went on the stage and killed his performance. The entire venue was vibing to the lyricist, Kenny Dinero (@inv.dinero).

@inv.dinero performing at the #digitalartgallery’s 1st anniversary. Congrats to @kwizzyohsowavy!

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IMG_3486When asked, each individual said the day party was the most “lit” one so far. Congrats Kwashee and keep working towards your dreams.Keep with the Digital Art Gallery and upcoming events below:

Twitter: @TheDAGTour
Instagram: @digitalartgallerytour

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