Dear Procrastination – Leave Me Alone!

By Seaira Nikole

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OMG, I recently switched phone providers and never set up autopay! This is the second bill that I have known about for at least 3 weeks, now it’s the due date and it slipped my mind.

MY PHONE IS OFF! It would have initially taken only a few minutes to sign up for autopay when the agent sent me the link when I almost forgot my last payment… just last month!

We are all guilty of procrastinating! Some of us procrastinate a lot more than others. It’s like something overtakes you when it’s actually time to do what really needs to be done at that moment. Of course, our intentions are always to plan ahead and get a jump start on things but… it doesn’t always turn out like that! 

Procrastination is often based on feelings. Depending on how I feel mentally or emotionally at that given time my mind sends signals like girl you have time, you good! So of course then.. pushed to the side, a fake mental note made, for that matter back to sleep I go. I just don’t feel like doing it right now, Period! 

Am I the only one who make excuses like “I didn’t procrastinate this time, I literally just forget to do it.” Sometimes, I just don’t want to take the blame for procrastinating because it happens so often. 

I wake up and know for a fact the time I have to go to work! I (could) set my alarm for a whole 6 hours early & still seem to jump out of bed rushing to get ready, shower & do my makeup. I had an ample amount of time. I procrastinated & laid in the bed scrolling social media until the last minute. It’s like I forget that quick that It was Monday morning all over again & me living my best life was officially over! Fast forward, of course, we all know I was late as usual! 

It is moments like this that I really think to myself!  I really have to get it together because this is getting out of hand. I’m by far a lazy person but sometimes, just sometimes.. I want the world to revolve around me and I do what I want WHEN I WANT! Am I the only one? Of course not! 

It’s a process to every day making it our business to work towards shaking this “procrastination syndrome!” 

Maybe to some, that’s actually putting your phone down in the morning & getting up after the alarm goes off once. Complete the assignment when you first receive it instead of pushing it back day after day. Knock the gym out at 6 am because after a long day you know you won’t be in the mood to workout. For that matter, actually put an execution plan to that goal you have been sitting on for months or years. Yeah, the one that will have you living your best life every day! 

Procrastination can hold us back from furthering ourselves in life. The opportunity may be only present to the first few occupants but waiting until the last minute to submit yours, now the position is filled. 

This year is soon winding down in a few months. It’s never too late to start making changes that will actually benefit us now. Let’s not continue being the one holding “us” back. We are only playing ourselves especially when we begin delaying and putting off things that were meant to benefit us! 

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