Dave East & Styles P Are Bringing Grittiness Back to Hip-Hop With ‘Beloved’

By Marvianna Gray

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Now #Aphillyates, you know I always keep it real with you and we all have to admit, Hip-Hop hasn’t been the same and it’s in a very odd place right now. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been hearing some amazing sounds and so many different flows through rap these days and it’s pretty dope. But you guys know I’m a true East Coast Hip-Hop fan and ‘Beloved,’ brought back all types of grittiness in rap music for me.

I grew up on Styles P, so when I heard he was doing a joint album with one of my favorite East Coast Emcees, I was counting down the days for ‘Beloved,’ too! Trust me when I tell you it was worth the wait.

Let’s get into this track list, first of all every song on the project is fire (I mean that’s a no brainer, I don’t expect anything less of Dave East) but Styles and East definitely put on for the entire East Coast with the AYOOOOOO on It’s Lit. I’m a Jersey girl, so hearing that got me hype. Then we got Load My Gun feat. the Hip-Hop OG’s, The Lox, this brought me back to real raw and aggressive “smack you in your face” spittin’.

Honestly, that’s what I know Hip-Hop/Rap music as; a very rough and tough form of expression. I grew up on the East Coast where the gutta styles of rap is no joke, especially in New York! But I do appreciate East including a song for the ladies like Don’t Cross Me feat. Jazzy. It’s always refreshing to see how he handles a calmer beat with a softer approach and STILL keep it gangsta.

I haven’t stopped listening since it dropped, so you know you guys have to take a listen. But like I said, I didn’t expect anything less of Styles and East. Styles P is a veteran in the game who paved the way for young rappers like Dave East and East did an incredible job paying homage while displaying his own lyrical talents on ‘Beloved.’

#Aphillyates, let us know if you’re rocking with Styles P and Dave East’s new album ‘Beloved,’ below!

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