Cop Fractures Skull of North Philly 14-Year-Old Boy OP-ED

By Miya Jones

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Naji Tribble, whose mother reported to that her son was an active and happy child, now lays in a hospital bed hooked up to an IV and has suffered seizures after being body slammed by an off-duty cop, and after the incident the young boy was met with even more problems from medical officials who turned him away several times reported.

The nightmare started on May 11 when Tribble went out with a group of friends. They ended up at Steelworks Strength Systems gym. The boys, who were all black, entered the gym and loomed over the equipment when, according to Tribble, a group of mostly white men yelled at them. They even resorted to racial slurs.

Allegedly, one of the men followed the groups of boys after one of them threw stones at him. Tribble claims he didn’t partake in that but was the one who was grabbed by the white gym goer and was hit with another racial slur. Tribble was eventually let go and he made it home and that is when things went from bad to worse. The all too familiar story of cops arriving and escalating the situation is exactly what occurred.

Eventually, off duty officer, Kevin Furman, who is white, made his way on the scene and body slammed young Tribble to the ground. Another cop arrived and identified the man as Sergeant Soto. Allegedly, Furman made a false claim that he did what he did because Tribble punched his wife. You just can’t make this stuff up. This cop felt the need to body slam a small 14-year-old CHILD. I guess it didn’t occur to Furman that this kind of force being applied by a grown man to a 70 pound body would do any damage?

The cops so graciously allowed Tribble to go to the hospital, but while in the hospital bed, Tribble was handcuffed and charged with aggravated assault. To add insult to injury, when Tribble’s family took him to be further checked out Tribble’s dad says doctors refused to do a CAT scan claiming there was nothing wrong with him and they did not want to expose him to unnecessary radiation. Both parents say Tribble was no longer as active as he used to be and suffered several seizures. Once they finally performed a CAT scan, it revealed the Tribble’s skull was in fact fractured.

As of now, Tribble remains in the hospital and his family have been able to force Internal Affairs to look into the case. This is by far one of the saddest cases I’ve come across. Both law enforcement and medical officials failed to properly do their job. As a result, a young and his family suffered. I hope the family sues the doctors and the Philadelphia police department, because this is a great injustice.

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