Jhene Aiko and Bernie Sanders at the Apollo Theater

By Miya Jones Last Saturday, Presidential Candidate, Bernie Sanders, took over the Apollo Theater, and had major star power to back him up as he talked about his economic initiatives, police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement. The discussion started when Sanders introduced the panelists. The people on the panel included Actor and Activist, […]

Fashion Icon Ian Connor Accused of Rape

By Kayla Solomon Ian Connor, rising fashion icon and member of the A$AP Mob, is under some heat after a student at Emory University published a blog post calling him a rapist. Malika Anderson, a senior at the university, wrote on her personal blog her encounter with Connor, giving graphic details of what happened and […]

DJ Khaled Donates Instruments to Middle School Band

By Kayla Solomon DJ Khaled puts on for Miami on the regular. This week, he proved his love for Miami and music by donating $10,000 worth of instruments to a Carol City Middle School’s band. Back in January, Khaled visited the school after it won a national competition to improve attendance. He followed through on […]

A Tribe Called Quest Member “Phife Dawg” Dies at Age 45

By Miya Jones It is a sad time for all hip-hop fans, as Malik “Phife Dawg” Taylor passed away yesterday, at the age of 45. Taylor passed due to complications resulting from his diabetes. The rapper has struggled with diabetes ever since he was diagnosed in 1990. In September of 2008, Taylor’s wife gave one […]

Pennsylvania Legalizes Medical Marijuana

By Kayla Solomon After years of discussing the legalization of medical marijuana, Pennsylvania legislators officially passed the bill on Mar. 16. This vote makes Pennsylvania the 24th state in America to pass the bill. Medical marijuana will be prescribed to patients with sicknesses such as cancer, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis, but will not be allowed […]

Geometry Teacher Teaches Geometry with Beyoncé’s “Formation”

By Ngozi Nwanji What better way to teach students geometry than with Beyoncé? Ciera Paul, a seventh grade teacher from New Orleans, used the song “Formation” to teach her class. Paul teaches at ReNEW Cultural Arts Academy. She switched the lyrics around in order for them to correlate with circumference, diameters and pi. “One Sunday […]

J.Cole’s Dreamville Team Sends Trump Protestor Free Merchandise

By Paula Davis Thomas DiMassimo has quickly become an icon for anti-Trump protesters on social media. Who is he? This guy. At Donald Trump’s rally in Dayton, Ohio, DiMassimo jumped over a barrier, and attempted to rush the stage. During a recent interview, he noted that he wasn’t trying to harm Trump, and just wanted to […]

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