The DNC Shows the RNC How to Do Day One of a Convention, the Right Way

By Jazz Milligan The Democratic National Convention kicked off yesterday and to say it was memorable is an understatement. Taking place in Philadelphia at the Wells Fargo Center, the DNC showcased the Democratic Party’s commitment to liberal causes such as LGBTQ rights, ending police brutality, immigration reform, and helping out the millions of people in […]

Unsurprising Facts About Trump’s Running Mate, Mike Pence

By Caloua Lowe Donald Trump recently announced his Vice President candidate, Mike Pence and many of us who don’t follow the republican political trail is wondering, who is Mike Pence? I’m sad to say, Mike Pence is just slightly less horrible than the presidential nominee himself. The simple things you could learn by searching Mr. […]

We Need more than Celebrity Tweets to Make “Real” Change

By Miya Jones After the death of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile at the hands of police, many celebrities have spoken out through social media and have made their thoughts known. Will there be a conviction now? Probably not. #RIPAltonSterling hug the ppl u love a little tighter…. tell them you love them a little […]

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