Lil Uzi Vert Continues To Take Over Trap Game with The Perfect Luv

By Ngozi Nwanji  Twitter: @ZNwanji Instagram: @znwanji Artist Background Say what you want about his bars, but Lil Uzi Vert has blown up in the rap scene with his originality and his ridiculously catchy hooks. “Money Longer” off of his fourth mixtape Lil Uzi Vert Vs The World was his debut single and it charted […]

WCW: Kim Kardashian and Relevance Go Hand and Hand

By Aaron Ball To this day, many may wonder why the controversial Kim Kardashian West is so successful and relevant in this day and age. Well there are a few reasons. The Kardashians have always been in the spotlight for the most part, and they come from an affluent family with wealth and business professionals. […]

Noname’s Debut Mixtape Beats Frank Ocean’s Delaying Record But it’s Finally Here

By Aaron Ball Twitter: @EyeLevelSociety Instagram: @been_trendy Artist Background Noname, who previously went by Noname Gypsy before dropping the latter half of her name, has been making moves and great music including her collabs with Chance The Rapper on “Lost” off of Acid Rap and “Israel”. The Chicago emcee was the epitome of a slam poet, before […]

OVO Fest Was Packed with Grinding, Star-Power and Surprises

By Aaron Ball Drake has took his time to reassure that OVO Fest would be fanatical. This year marks the seventh annual edition of his Toronto-based music festival. The level of hype surrounding OVO fest was through the roof, but the 6 God made sure he put his money where his mouth was. Many surprises […]

Will Frank Ocean’s Boys Don’t Cry Live Up To Fans’ Expectations?

By Ngozi Nwanji  Twitter: @ZNwanji Instagram: @znwanji For Frank Ocean fans, we’re sure that Channel Orange has been in rotation for the past four years. Along with having no music, you continued to lose trust in Ocean with all of the different possible release dates for his new album. The end to Ocean’s fans’ tragic […]

MCM: Lil Uzi Vert, a Creative in More Ways than One

By Miya Jones Twitter: @sweetmjones Instagram: @sweetmjones  Today we’ve decided to give it up for Philly’s own, Lil Uzi Vert. His creativity combined with his magnetic style and bars makes him the perfect candidate for Man Crush Monday. Lil Uzi, whose government name is Symere Woods, was born in and grew up in North Philly. […]

Nao’s Debut For All We Know Can Be Placed on the List Of 2016’s Best R&B Albums

By Ngozi Nwanji Twitter: @ZNwanji  Instagram: @znwanji Artist Background Nao is a British singer that started off her career in an acapella group called The Boxettes. After six years in the group, she moved on to become a solo artist in 2014. In an interview with Pitchfork, she named Prince, Donny Hathaway and Nina Simone […]

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