RiRi Crushes the Game with New Fragrance

By Brianne Deville Rihanna has made yet another stamp on the beauty and fashion world, as she announces the debut of her newest perfume entitled “Crush by Rihanna”. The fragrance is said to be an extension of the namesake Riri collection that she debuted in 2015. According to the press release, Crush feels “empowering, strong, […]

Lil Wayne Hospitalized Over Seizure, How Can You Prevent Them?

By Jazz Milligan Epilepsy is defined by the Epilepsy Foundation as a chronic disorder that causes “recurrent, unprovoked seizures; and seizures are sudden urges of electrical activity in the brain”. Recently, Lil Wayne suffered two seizures back to back while on a private plane. TMZ reports that Wayne is resting comfortably in an Omaha hospital […]


By Pahari As we all know, this past Sunday at around 2 a.m., tragedy struck at a gay club in Orlando, FL when a gunman opened fire – killing and wounding approximately one third of its patrons. Authorities reported that this is America’s deadliest shooting to date and our nation’s worst terrorist attack since 9/11. […]

How to Treat Your Woman: From a Woman’s Perspective

By Pahari               Contrary to popular belief, treating your girl right has absolutely nothing to do with showering her with gifts, taking her out on expensive dates and trips, or even calling her “princess”. Even though these gestures are cute, they contribute nothing to the foundation you’re trying to build with […]

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