You Can Make a Difference

By MAZ Instagram: @zmarieangele Due to recent events (a terrorist act in my hometown of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso; events such as the Charlottesville rally…), it is important now more than ever to make a statement, make a difference. It seems very hard, but in reality, the slightest effort could make the biggest change. I’m here, […]

I Denounce You a Racist

By Reggye Green Twitter: @reggyebush Instagram: @_regggg This past weekend, thousands gathered in the streets of Charlottesville, Virginia protesting a white supremacist rally. It is obvious the protest was energized by hate, but one specific individual from the crowd of protestors has gone viral, and he goes by the name of Peter Cvjetanovic. He made […]

#YouTuberOfTheWeek: Teresa Kiana, Savior of AliExpress Scams

By Naomi Twitter: @NaomiAmber_ Instagram: @officiallynaomi Who: Teresa Kiana About: Hair, Fashion Current Subscribers: 17,460 Starting Month/Year: March 8, 2015 Most Recent Video: How I Slay This 360 Frontal + Aliexpress Virgo Hair Company ♥️ We love YouTubers who show us how to slay on a budget, and where we can get the chic, Instagram […]

Fidget Spinners Can Be Hazardous

By Reggye Green Twitter: @reggyebush Instagram: @_regggg All summer long, a new gadget, known as a fidget spinner, has been the absolute craze among almost everyone! These fun and supposedly calming toys have become a phenomenon worldwide, especially for the younger crowd. However, all this fun comes to an end when parents and companies must […]

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