Jazz’s Take: Top 5 Healthy Brands to Snack on During the Day

By Jazz Milligan Instagram: @jazz_milligan Since entering college, I now am given the task of going grocery shopping by myself. This is already daunting since all I know when I enter a grocery store is what I want to eat. Eating healthy is one of my top priorities in college, and finding brands that cater to […]

Top 8 Cute Hairstyles to Wear This Fall

By Jenna Greenlee Twitter: @_fwfayee_  With the cooler weather that fall brings, it’s time to start looking into protective styles that will save your hair from the harsh cold elements. With the drop in temperature, and the crisp air, it’s easy for your hair to lose it’s moisture and become brittle. These hairstyles will allow […]

#HealthyBrandTuesday: Boca Blesses Us with Delicious Veggie Burgers

By Jazz Milligan  Instagram: @jazz_milligan  This week, instead of #TransformationTuesday, I want to highlight a brand that gives healthy options. I’m going to call it #HealthyBrandTuesday and will feature a brand that provides healthy options that are affordable. Most of the brands are available for purchase at your local grocery. This week’s #HealthyBrandTuesday is Boca, which offers microwaveable veggie […]

Wash Day with Natural Hair Essentials

By MAZ As a nappy-headed girl, taking care of your hair is a priority. Simply skipping one deep conditioning session may totally alter the health of your hair and cause a constant fight between you and your mane, so I made a list of a few essential products for wash day and steps that I […]

Tips On How To Repair Damaged Hair From Relaxers

By Jenna Greenlee Twitter: @_FwFayeee_  I’m sure we all have had at least one or two relaxers put into our heads at some point in life. Relaxers are popular among most black women, promising them beautiful straight hair that leaves there natural kinky curls no where to be found. It gives you a break from […]

#YoutuberOfTheWeek: The Southern Belle, Beauty & Lifestyle Vlogger, Kathryn Bedell

By Hadiyah Weaver Twitter: @HadiyahAW Instagram: @hadiyahweaver Who: Kathryn Bedell About: Beauty and Lifestyle Vlogger Current Subscribers: Over 217,000 subscribers Starting Month/Year: December/2013 Most Recent Video: Weekly Vlog #11: Day At The Fair Now you guys know that I had to have my fellow Memphis native, Kathryn Bedell, in the #YoutuberOfTheWeek series! As a junior in […]

#TransformationTuesday: J-Hud Gets Trim!

By Jazz Milligan Instagram: @jazz_milligan It’s Tuesday so that means it’s time for another #TransformationTuesday! The person who has transformed themselves and become a national treasure is Jennifer Hudson. The Academy and Grammy-Award-winner is one of the best examples of someone taking control of their lives and making the changes stick. Hudson first came into […]

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