Hydration and Moisturizing Tips for “Loc” Gods and Goddesses

By Marvianna Gray Instagram: @marvigasss Twitter: @marvigasss I embarked on my natural hair: loc journey about 2 years ago and it’s been a fun ride to say the least. What I love about my locs is there are so many different styles and looks I can play with, but my scalp is always SO DRY and itchy; […]

Lifestyle Brand ‘Alive and Well’ is Different from the Rest

By: Demoine Taylor Instagram:@whysheboujie Twitter:@whysheboujie This is the generation of thriving small businesses in the black commmunity. Four guys from Atlanta,GA, Huntsville,AL and Richmond,VA created not only a clothing brand but “Alive and Well” is a lifestyle. “Alive and Well” was started by a group of college students, who come from all different walks of […]

#HealthTip: 5 Tips to Keep Natural Hair Healthy in the Summer

By:Demoine Taylor Instagram:@whysheboujie Twitter:@whysheboujie The Summer time is here! Natural sisters it’s time to tame your mane and protect your beautiful, kinky natural hair. Are you wondering how to do just that in this sweltering heat? I am here to save your hair and day! With tons of new protective styles, such as braids, weaves, […]

#SmallBusinessAlert: Philip Garner Wants to Keep You Healthy

By Demoine Taylor  Instagram: @whysheboujie If you’re a health nut like me you’ll enjoy this! Philip Garner, developed an all-natural brand of deodorant, mouth wash, facial cleansers and much more!If you are sick and tired of using harsh chemicals on your body then this is your answer. Did I mentioned it is black-owned? LETS SUPPORT! Everyone […]

#WhatsNew: Rihanna Debuts Morrocan Spice Palette to Spice up Your Eyes

By Demoine Taylor  Instagram: @whysheboujie Whether it’s creating sexy lingerie or developing the shadow palettes to match, Rihanna is continously making trends and is setting the summer off!  With her New Morrocan Spice palette everyone can indulge in and have fun with in this summer heat! According to the announcement on Fenty Beauty’s Instagram, the Moroccan Spice […]

Watch Out: The  Chocolate Princess Is Taking  Over!

By Diane Asante Instagram: thatsso_asante🇬🇭 Cori Broadus also known as the ‘Chocolate Princess’ is slowly coming out of her family’s shadow and sharing her voice with the world. Growing up, Cori was bullied because of her dark skin. It’s no secret that colorism plays a huge role in the Hollywood industry; but instead of hiding, […]

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