Your Guide to Black Friday: How to Get the Most Bang For Your Buck

By Zuri Hoffman Twitter: @ZuriH_ Instagram: @yosoyzuri Whether you’re shopping for yourself this Black Friday, or looking to snag some great deals for Christmas, it is important to know which stores are having the best deals. Without some guidance as to which places will give you the most bang for your buck, Black Friday could merely be […]

Thanksgiving Outfits That are Cute in the Dining Room and Comfortable in the Kitchen

By Joy Cato Twitter: @JoyCato Instagram: @joycato  Thanksgiving dinner is right around the corner and us ladies must prepare. I for one am always looking for a glamorous, yet simple look for my Thanksgiving celebration. Simple because, if your family is as great in numbers as mine, dinner usually entails a crowded dinner table, long […]

#TrendsetterTuesday: Michelle Savage Juggles Multiple Professions with Style and Grace

By Zuri Hoffman Twitter: @ZuriH_ Instagram: @yosoyzuri Michelle Savage is a woman who wears many hats— she is stylist, wardrobe consultant, personal shopper and fashion stylist. Hailing from Philadelphia, but based in Los Angles, Savage is an inspiration to many young ladies with big dreams. Her amazing sense of style is apparent after looking through […]

Ammo Stilo Delivers Bold Prints With Even Bolder Messages

By Zuri Hoffman Twitter: @ZuriH_ Instagram: @yosoyzuri Recognized by its unique graphic design, the brand, Ammo Stilo, is the epitome of Philly street style.   Still in its expansion, their most popular product is the Revolt Trucker baseball cap, a tan cap with “AmmeriKKKA” stamped on the back, enclosed with two graphic middle fingers. In small lettering on […]

Distributing some #BlackGirlMagic for Halloween

By MAZ   Attention girls and boys, Halloween is coming up! The celebration of fear and candy is slowly creeping up on us, and I bet many of you don’t have a costume just yet. That’s why I decided to celebrate Halloween and #BlackGirlMagic by providing you guys with an array of different Halloween costumes […]

Looking for the Latest Fall Fashion Trends? Say No More

By Zuri Hoffman Twitter: @ZuriH_ Instagram: @yosoyzuri  With fall already here and winter quickly approaching, it is about that time to start shopping for great seasonal pieces for the colder months. In Center City, Philadelphia, there are a ton of great stores where you can find amazing pieces for reasonable prices— Zara is among my favorite. One […]

Back to the Future Nike Mags Are Officially Being Released

By Miya Jones Twitter: @sweetmjones  Instagram: @sweetmjones  If you have watched Back to the Future II, then you will remember the famous Nike sneakers the main character, Marty McFly played by Michael J. Fox, used when he traveled to 2015. Now, 27 years after the shoes first made their way onto the silver screen, and a year […]

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