Can We Just Bring Celebrity Boxing Back?

By Paiea Kalili

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“What’s beef? Beef is when you make your enemies start your Jeep / Beef is when you roll no less than 30 deep / Beef is when I see you / Guaranteed to be in ICU.”

Hip-hop beef has been in full swing all 2016/17. We’ve had Meek-Game, Nicki-Remy, Rick Ross-Birdman and Lil Wayne-Birdman. More recently this weekend at the BET Awards we saw Joe Budden-Migos, Chris Brown-Migos and Meek-Safaree and many more beefs. I know everybody wants peace, but I’m a fan of the competitive energy in hip-hop when people like Kendrick take time out to make sure Big Sean is dissed properly. Seems a lot of beef almost got physical over the weekend.

Brown is due for about 50 fights. It seems like he’s always getting into it with somebody. I honestly think Brown is ready to fight 300 dudes over Karrueche. How come rappers just can’t be like Game and be ready to fight the one-on-one and get it over with, wouldn’t it all be so simple?

The Meek-Safaree situation is the most recent example of the ladder. After almost two years of dissing each other on social media and in interviews, they finally saw one another in person and Meek’s people allegedly jumped him.

Look, I’m not an advocate for violence, but come on! Why couldn’t you guys just shoot the fair one? If the energy was that strong, a celebrity boxing match would have solved all that buffoonery. This leads me to next event of the weekend.

Budden has officially become the troll of the new rap generation, which features Lil Uzi, Migos, and Yachty etc. This all came to a head when Migos had to sit down with him and things almost got ugly. Again, I’m with the sh*ts. I love BET turning into the Source Awards, but besides me being ignorant, I’m sure this was a bad look on the red carpet. All in all, we just need Celebrity Boxing back.

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