Bring Hope to the Stage

By Dymond Mumford

As the words, “and I don’t know what it is but my city needs something” were sung in the mic the message of Erik Ramos’, CEO of eFexx, Hope Street play flourishes around the venue.

Nov. 6, cast members of the play and viewers gathered in ‘In The Light Ministries’ to see the debut of Hope Street Play. Ramos started the concept of the play at 15 and the concept is still relevant after over ten years later.

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 4.25.42 PMThe cast consisted of five main characters, three displaying the moral throughout their roles more prominently. The characters, Lou, Manny and Cholo, have a similar story that individuals not only in Philadelphia can relate to but nationally: going on the wrong path, possibly ending in death at an early age. There are many stories surfacing in news mediums dealing with killings of young people. Some of these acts are not just cops, but each own is killing each other.

The moral of the play was to showcase the consequences of being in the streets. Lou, the oldest sibling, was recently released from prison and was teased with scenarios that worth engaging in. Manny, Lou’s younger brother, tries to encourage his brother make a turn in his life but Lou realizes it too late. Lou following his right hand Cholo’s wrong doings causes him to lose his life. Lou’s son was left without his father, his mother a single parent, his brother paralyzed and his mother having to bury her son.

The Hope Street play tackled situations that people go through daily, such as: growing up fatherless, having to “trap” to receive a steady income, men not knowing how to treat women and not being able to decide what is wanted in life.

At the end, “All you need is a second chance” was said through Lou’s conscious. He realized too late that living by the gun, would be the life he lived until death came.

The play has a similar timeline that many can relate to which makes the play worth seeing again. The lesson Ramos portrays through his characters helped people think about their movements in the streets differently. Rapper, PnB Rock, also performed hit ‘My City Needs Something’ which has over 1 million views on YouTube. The song was released to respond to the violence surrounding in Philadelphia.

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