Black Business, SoleFoodKicks, Speaks on Fashionova Stealing Their “Contact” Meme T-Shirt Design

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Fashionova has became a household go-to for families, especially with the new addition – Fashionova Men. They are known for their trendy, affordable clothes and various brand ambassadors whom we all love.

The brand has skyrocketed in the last two years but, many small businesses have witnessed Fashionova steal their designs and capitalizing them as their own. Solefoodkicks is one of the brands that accused Fashionova from copying one of their meme t-shirt styles and selling their design to their customers. Creative director for Kloset Envy has also came out and states that Fashionova has constantly stole her designs, selling the products at a cheaper price and cheaper quality.

We spoke with one of Solefoodkicks’s partners and he describes the discovery, gives advice to black business owners and more in our Q&A below.

Blackaphillyated: What are your thoughts on the brand, Fashionnova?

Solefoodkicks: We think that the Fashionova brand has done a phenomenal job marketing their products. They’ve amassed a huge following over the years and have a tremendous amount of support coming from the black community. It appears that their price point matches the quality of their products which draws a lot of attention. Their designs however are far from original, and it appears that their creative team and designers look to the smaller businesses and designers for ideas. They look at what’s hot and copy, and in this case they copied the exact design. Fashionova has the financial backing, means and legal necessary to successfully exploit small business owners and designers.

Blackaphillyated: How hard is it monetizing your products and content?

Solefoodkicks: It’s not hard to monetize @solefoodkicks products and content. We have a decent following and provide products that the culture is looking for. When we create gems like the shirt that they copied it generates and even bigger buzz. Customers come in to purchase the shirt and see the pair sneakers, hat, or whatever else they may have wanted and make and even larger purchase. We been open for over 4 years and business continues to get better. We’ve recently opened a second location and intend to take the brand places that we’ve never been before. We can’t afford to have a company like Fashionova take advantage of us just because they feel like they can, or that they can get away with it given our limited reach and expose at the moment.

Blackaphillyated: When did you notice that Fashionova stole one of your designs?

Solefoodkicks: It was brought to our attention immediately. We have friends and family that shop Fashionova. Their “new” items pop up first, and our meme tee is very recognizable. I knew that they had a tendency to copy but this was an exact replica of our design from the placement, verbiage, font and punctuation…a blatant rip-off.

Blackaphillyated: Any advice to black business owners on how to deal with this?

Solefoodkicks: Just be aware that companies such as Fashionova are looking to deepen their pockets while stealing from the smaller organizations. Until you are able to afford the massive amount of money it will requires to take a company such as Fashionova through litigation and seek compensation then document your products. We have time stamps from when when posted our T-shirt back in August of 2018. We have posts of people wearing the design with time stamps. We make them in-house and by hand to there isn’t much else that we can at the moment that we are aware of at this moment. We have been researching the various intellectual property attorneys in the area in hopes that someone is able to assist.

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