Best Natural Hairstyles to Rock at the Gym


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Having natural hair can be a hassle sometimes–and going to the gym is one of those times. Many times I’ve had to compromise my hairstyle to get that body right (which is probably why I wear a bun 24/7 now). But putting your hair in a bun forever isn’t the answer: it could rip your ends if too tight, if not moisturized enough; and it would also prevent your curls from flourishing in their natural state. Here’s a short list of natural hairstyles my fitness girls and guys can accomplish. We’re getting that hair and body right at the same time, beat that.

Twists/braids and cornrows 

These are very easy hairstyles to do, and might take you a maximum of an hour to accomplish to rock for a whole week. It’s also extremely versatile: put them in a bun, pin them up for a cute undo, or midway through the week, unravel the braids or twists if you’re tired of the way they look–and bam! You’re getting a cute twist-out. I absolutely love doing this when I have more time to myself when wash day arrives. A short 30 minutes twisting your hair can change your entire fitness game.

The Wrap 

One of my top hairstyles to go the gym, especially if I want to preserve my curls for a special event. I’ll simply twist my hair or place it into a low bun, then tuck my satin bonnet under this wrap. It’s that simple, and it can look very cute if you take the time to do your edges. Spice it up by rocking a wrap with patterns, different colors and hues, etc. You can switch it up depending on your gym outfit and the outfit you’re planning on wearing afterwards. Super easy and comfy!

The bun and pineapple 

I know, I know, basic. But basics are what work for me! Keeping my hair in a pineapple will ensure my hair doesn’t rip off during the day, also making sure my curls stay popping after my workout (unless you’re planning to hit the sauna after your exercise). On the other hand, buns are extremely easy to wear with any outfit, and any headphones (having big hair makes it complicated to wear those, trust me). Pineapples and buns are great to rock, but in moderation, as your ends can get very fragile and brittle. Be careful styling your hair and make sure to moisturize it when needed! Now go hit the gym and get those abs in!

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