BAP’s Top Five Bops Of The Week Featuring Meek Mill, Chance the Rapper and More

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Fourth quarter is coming to an end soon and the month of December is used to showcase what you got before the new year begins. This means new releases will be coming at us and our job is to show you the top bops.

1. MAMA – 6ix9ine featuring Nicki Minaj and Kanye West

First, I knew the song was a bop after seeing it shoot to the top of the charts so quickly but, after hearing it? This song is better than I thought it would be! Tekashi sounds great on the record, I would love to hear him do more of this actually. It sounded very melodic and sexy. Kanye’s part is fire also, he took a great approach with the lyrics not doing too much, just enough – old Ye. Now, the finale of course is Nicki Minaj and she slays the track. The metaphors, everything. She’s a genius. MAMA is definitely one of my favorite releases.

2. Kelly – Kelly Rowland

Natural face huh, that’s how I wake up? Okay Kelly! First, Kelly Rowland is a legend. If you don’t know, she’s one of the original members of Destiny’s Child and has had her own solo career, gifting us with “Like This” a few years ago (which is still in rotation). Kelly has a trap-influenced beat that pays homage to herself. In the song she bigs herself up stating that she has her own house on the hills, she’s blessed and she’s getting thick! Kelly hasn’t released a solo project since 2013 with Talk a Good Game. This song has me hype and excited to hear more from Kelly!

3. 24/7 – Meek Mill featuring Ella Mai

I was excited to hear this collab, being a fan of both of them and it’s amazing. Meek Mill has improved his sound over the years tremendously, conquering various beats and challenging himself to broaden his topic and tap in with the ladies. This song shows exactly that and Ella Mai sounds great also! I mean the lyrics are perfect and the “Me, Myself and I” sample sounded so bomb underneath Ella’s melodic voice.

Meek knows what the ladies want to hear and this is it:

You be throwin’ that shit back like it’s a Thursday / I be treatin’ you like everyday your birthday/ Them hoes ain’t f*ckin’ with you on your worst day

I got you on a new level like what Ferg say
When you fell down, I pick you up
Put on your crown, and lift you up
I put a rock all on your finger, so much ice could push a puck

Oodles O’ Noodles Babies – Meek Mill

Now, this song though is the truth also. Honestly, the entire album is a bop. Meek is one of the artists that have been through so much and you can feel every word he says.

4. Calling My Spirit – Kodak Black

Kodak releases “Calling My Spirit” which shows off a more mature side of Kodak over a smooth guitar beat. We’ve all been waiting for a full-length album from Kodak and looks like our wishes have been granted! The Florida artist has been battling against the system and has definitely matured his sound since his last album Project Baby. He announced that he was releasing DYING TO LIVE but, shortly deleted the tweet. So we may get the album this month or next month but, until then here’s “Calling My Spirit.”

5. My Own Thing – Chance the Rapper featuring Joey Purp

Soon as this song came on the beat captured me! Chance released two new songs last week, this one being my absolute favorite! It’s a feel-good song that gets you hype but, still has that Chance feel to it. The lyrics are very playful and I love that he talks about his fiancé on the song!

Please don’t hit me in my DM/ Promise that my BM gonna slide when she see ’em
I know she ‘gon see ’em ’cause I’m deffo finna show her/ Take her to the culprit and then take her to the store

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