#MotivationMonday: The Hardships You’re Going Through Will Shape You For the Better

By MAZ Instagram: @zmarieangele We’re all going through hardships. Some you may think more important and detrimental than others, but our emotions are all valid and our struggles are all hard to face. Being able to detach yourself from the situation and think of yourself less like a victim definitely helps in reducing the amount of […]

Beyonce Blesses Harlem Post-Coachella

By MAZ Instagram: @zmarieangele Beyonce wasn’t done blessing us after Coachella. Yesterday, the singer and performer said she would be donating $100, 000 in scholarship to historically black colleges and universities. And not only that, but the Queen Bey will highlight Figure Skating in Harlem through her sportswear brand, Ivy Park. The Figure Skating in Harlem […]

#ProductOfTheWeek: Majestic Pure Charcoal Scrub

By MAZ Instagram: @zmarieangele Get ready for this amazing discovery I have recently made on Amazon: a charcoal scrub, but unlike any other. The Majestic Pure Charcoal Scrub provides a deep cleanse, anti-toxin exfoliating experience to the face and the body and let me tell you–it clears your skin up in less than a week! In […]

Is Kendall Jenner Starting a Radio Show?

By MAZ Instagram: @zmarieangele PIZZA BOYS x BEATS 1 x APPLE MUSIC—-TOMORROW 10AM PST A post shared by PIZZABOYS (@pizzaboys) on Apr 12, 2018 at 12:11pm PDT At the end of March, Kendall Jenner created an instagram account with the handle “pizza boys.” Confused as heck, we all thought Kendall was staring a little ‘finsta’, but […]

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