Selfie Sunday w/ BlackAphillyated

By Chelsee Pompey IG @everythingChelsee A selfie a day keeps the doctors away. A celebration isn’t complete without an awesome selfie. Check out some of our favorite selfies posted by our favorite celebrities this weekend. Gucci Mane’s wife shared an icy selfie this weekend in Chicago. Kylie is a selfie pro, but she’s slaying this […]

Chicago Welcomes Kanye West Home

By: Chelsee Pompey IG: @everythingChelsee Kanye West made a couple announcements at Chance the Rappers “Open Mike” event on Monday night. First, he announced that he’s moving back to Chicago and never leaving again. Chicago approved this decision by chanting Ye’s name with excitement and welcoming him back with open arms. West has always expressed […]

DIY Balmain X Beyonce Inspired Hoodie

By: Chelsee Pompey IG: @everythingChelsee Beyonce’s wardrobe from her iconic Coachella performance was so simple and cute matched with a banging choreography and HBCU pride. But we know when it comes to celebrities, especially Queen Bey, their fashion regardless of “simplicity” are far from inexpensive. Beyonce’s Balmain hoodie was a fan favorite and is available […]

Point Blank Period – City Girls Documentary

By: Chelsee Pompey IG: @everythingChelsee Quality Control Music X Mass Appeal presented a City Girls documentary titled after the duos famous catch phrase, “Point, Blank, Period!” The documentary gives fans an inside look of where the City Girls came from, how they became successful, and the count down until JT leaves for prison. The City […]

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