The Next Step – Mixtape from Karim Tanoé – a Rapper With Philosophical Edge

Karim Tanoé is definitely one of the more compelling rappers to follow this year. He is in the process of dropping a track-a-week off forthcoming conceptual mixtape The Next Step. His second release “Lonely Challenger” came alongside an emotive music video expressing to us the dark side of pursuing your dreams. The track masterfully engages […]

Zach Zoya Embodies Regret in “Superficial” Visual

By Andrew Smith  Montreal-based hip-hop/RnB artist Zach Zoya’s single “Superficial”, has recently been met with a newly released music video filled with strong evening visuals and an air of midnight contemplation. The video shows Zoya hopelessly wandering the evening’s deserted city streets, creating a mood of dispirited solitude. His feelings of dealing with a fresh […]

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