#ArtistToWatch: Tate Kobang Finds His Lane With His Newly Released Project, ‘Tate Ko’

By Njera Perkins

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Related imageThis Baltimore native is on a mission to prove he’s the best thing to come out of the city.

You may know him as Tate Kobang, the 25 year-old rapper who released the now classic Baltimore hit “Bank Rolls (Remix)” a few years ago, but to his city he’s a local rap legend. Since then he’s struggled with finding his niche, but two years later that has since changed. Set on solidifying his place in rap, Tate Kobang returns with his latest project, “Tate Ko.”

With this new project, Kobang focused on creating music that solely showcased what he wanted. In an email conversation with Noisey, he emphasized the vision behind this project. “It’s me. It’s giving you me completely. I’m back making the beats. I’m back doing everything.”

The 15-track mixtape gets some key guest appearances from Swizz Beatz, Chaz French, Young Money Yawn, and Deetranada from Jermaine Dupri’s “The Rap Game.” Kobang handles production on half of the project, but gets assistance from producers like YG! Beats, Millz Douglas, Honorable C.N.O.T.E., Tee Watts, and Reazy Renegade. Before releasing the entire project, he dropped two bangers, “North North (Still Hangin’) and “A Hunnid T’s” featuring West Side Goldie.

He’s definitely come a long way as his recent project shows a lot of growth in his music. You can tell he had more direction with how he wanted it to sound. Back in 2015 when he dropped “Bank Rolls,” no one could’ve predicted that the song would blow up so fast. After getting the record played in a daily rotation on local radio station 92Q, it took off and started getting play everywhere. That hit song he dropped is what earned him a record deal with 300 Entertainment. Since signing his record deal, he’s released a lot of material, but more so he’s been focused on making music he’s more comfortable with.

Don’t sleep, the energetic rapper has some big things in the works and is on a slow rise to fame. Make sure you check out his newest project “Tate Ko” below.

Tate Ko Tracklist

1. “Shouldn’t Have” (prod. by YG! Beats)
2. “Don’t Matter” (prod. by Tate Kobang and Millz Douglas)
3. “Ello?” Feat. Swizz Beatz
4. “Chains On” Feat. Young Money Yawn (prod. by Millz Douglas)
5. “Brand New” (prod. by Tate Kobang and Millz Douglas)
6. “North North (Still Hangin’)” (prod. by Tate Kobang And YG! Beats)
7. “Ain’t Scared” (prod. by Tate Kobang and YG! Beats)
8. “Nineteen” (prod. by Reazy Renegade)
9. “Nobody” (prod. by Tate Kobang and YG! Beats)
10. “Selfish Freestyle” Feat. Chaz French (prod. by Honorable C.N.O.T.E.)
11. “A Hunnid T’s” Feat. West Side Goldie (prod. by Tate Kobang and YG! Beats)
12. “TateKoNada” feat. Deetranada (prod. by Tate Kobang and YG! Beats)
13. “Bdddrrr” (prod. by Tate Kobang and YG! Beats)
14. “Only (Freestyle)” (prod. by Tee Watts)
15. “Forgiveness” (prod. by Tate Kobang)

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