#ArtisttoWatch: Sunny Surff Is Putting On For Her City

By Marvianna Gray

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With a population of 50,636 people, femcee Sunny Surff is working to be that one to place her small town of Plainfield, NJ on the map. The first time I got the pleasure of meeting Surff, I knew she was going to be a star. Her style is what caught my attention, Surff’s fit game is serious! Also, the confidence she carries along with her swag is unmatched.

As I studied her music more I realized that Surff isn’t just a rapper, she is an artist. Her stage presence and the way she interacts with a crowd is amazing, you’d think she’s been in the game professionally for years. I think what I like the most about her music is how raw and honest she is on every track. The grittiness of her flow reminds me so much of the greats Eve and Jersey Native Queen Latifah.

Don’t get me wrong, I respect the “Bad B*tch, pop out sis” “Balenciaga Mama,” female rap like the next woman. But sometimes I like to get back to the aggressive Hip-Hop, where you have to spit BARS in order to earn your respect and Sunny Surff has definitely earned my respect.


Sitting on 13.5K instagram followers, Surff’s fan base has grown immensely since the release of the music video for her studio single “Blood On Me,” Directed by Jersey’s go to videographer Nimi Hendrix.



“It’s always weird to me when a complete stranger expresses how much they love my music and style and giving me wild motivation. I be thinking like wow ….. it’s really happening.



Starting at 12 years old, music has always been the femcees passion and it’s so surreal for her to watch how rapidly her career is moving. Surff aims to make music for the people, she wants us all to feel her. Keep shining Sunny, we’re rocking with you all the way to the top over here at Blackaphillyated!


Be on the look out for a New Mixtape from Sunny Surff this upcoming October.


[WATCH]: Blood On Me


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